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2d Pathfinding with physics

Hello! I just started using this package today, and already got a flying enemy set up!

Now i just need the ground enemy. The thing is, i don’t know how to make the pathfinding work with gravity:

I’ve been trying to figure this out for about 6 hours, but couldn’t find a way. I eventually looked at some extremely old threads (7 years) and people said that you could connect nodes or something, i could never find out how.

I assume this is how to do it, because there’s a “show connections” debug in the pathfinder.

I also tried to find something about this in the docs but it was very complex and it didn’t really say how to actually make / use the connections, or if they’re even the solution to my problem.

Edit: Heres the movement script: Movement -

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Is this a platformer?
This package sadly doesn’t have any official support for platformer-type games. It’s quite tricky to make it work for that I’m afraid. Some people do it anyway using point graphs, but it requires some manual work.

Ok, ill try using point graphs in a minute. But since its not officially supported in this package, what other method would you use for platformers?

If you look at the screenshot in the original post, the arena is very simple. So i dont think ill need to do that much to get a pathfinding enemy.