2D pathfinding - small gaps problem


I have a 2D game, it uses 16x16 grid/sprites
You can see on the image below that when I scan it’s not accepting any tiles that are next to a wall/obstical.
The Obstacle tiles is using Tilemap collider 2d & Composite collider 2D
How can I adjust my settings so it accepts those as well?

I’m using 2D Physics, Colldier type Circle
Currently I have tried changing Diameter, node size etc without luck.
Any ideas?


Edit: I can make nodes 0.2 in size for example, but then I will have so many nodes. Hopefully someone knows how I can maintain a node size of 1.


This is most likely a floating point precision problem. The graph checks if there are any colliders in a circle with a diameter of 1 centered at each node. Your colliders on an adjacent node will just touch that circle. Try reducing the grid graph collision resting diameter to 0.99.

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Hey, thanks for reply.
I had the same idea, but when I tried yesterday I couldn’t figure it out.
What I forgot is that when I adjust colliders on a tile, I have to manually disable and reenable the collider to force an update.
Now it works! Thanks :slight_smile:
It’s not 100% ideal way because Composite Colldier 2D won’t work now that the tiles has a gap and I have to manually adjust every tile’s physics shape, but it’s a decent work around.
Didn’t find anywhere to adjust the collider other then Sprite Editor -> Custom Physics shape. Perhaps someone knows a better way.
Also have to figure out how to make the NPCs follow the path more correctly, currently they slide a bit too much depending on speed etc - but that’s another story :slight_smile:


I don’t mean that you should modify the collider shapes, I mean that you should modify the setting A* Inspector -> Grid Graph -> Collision Testing -> Diameter setting.

I tried that as well, and what happend is that I get this odd results - example below


What mode are you using for the tilemap collider? You should not use the edge collider for best result (I think the other one is called “polygon” mode? I cannot remember right now). This is because the edge collider just generates a collider at the boundary of the mesh, which doesn’t help the system figure out if something is inside or outside the collider.

I’m using Tilemap Collider 2D & Composite Collider 2D

Yeah, but there is a setting called ‘Geometry Type’ for the composite collider 2D.

oh, right - it’s Outlines.
I disabled Composite and it made that one tile correct at 0.97 - Can test with multiple tiles in a second

Edit: Removing Composite Collider 2D and Diameter 0.97 seems to work well :slight_smile: