2D Multiple Destinations/Targets

Hi there, I’m quite new to Unity but regarding the A* Pathfinding Project, I wanted to know how I can achieve multiple destinations.

I’m making a map which is in 2D and in that map there will be a player icon and bunch of locations (Using Buttons). So the player icon will not move until I press one of the buttons and whichever one I click will then move the player to that location.

I’m assuming I need to do some extra coding in the AIDestinationSetter script but really have no idea how.


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I would recommend not using the AIDestinationSetter at all and doing something like this:

// Or RichAI or AILerp depending on which movement script you are using
public AIPath ai;

void WhenButtonClicked(Vector3 target) {
    ai.destination = target;
    // Forces the ai to recalculate its path immediately

Thank you so much, I had to use Transform instead of Vector3 or Vector2(since it didn’t work with those) but it seems to work well enough with what you have provided.

By the way I just wanna squeeze one more question here and that is on how to stop/halt the ai movement while its moving to its destination. ill be using a ui button to tell the ai to stop moving.

Again thank you for your help and quick response.

That depends on the semantics you want.


ai.isStopped = true;

Will make it stop, but you can make it resume its movement if you set ai.isStopped = false.

If you want to clear the path and make it forget everything its destination then use

ai.destination = new Vector3(float.PositiveInfinity, float.PositiveInfinity, float.PositiveInfinity);

Cheers man, I didn’t think it all the way through and you had the foresight to mention both of things that I will require.

I am getting the hang of it now, it seems that most things are in AIPath, I discovered things like ai.reachedEndOfPath which would be handy for if statements etc.

Gonna experiment some more and once I feel like I have a good bearing, I will purchase the pro version of this. Thanks again.