Tilemap implementation


Hi Aron,
could you please tell me how I simply implement a Unity Tilemap into your work?

I’ve tried to insert a Tilemap into Example15_2D and switched off the obstacles. But the Tilemap Collider 2D’s are not recognized.




Are you sure the layers in the grid graph settings are configured correctly? The layer for the tilemap collider should be in the ‘Collision Testing’ layer mask.


Hey, you were able to do it? I’m stuck with this too, the layer it’s well setup


Hey, I was able to make it work. In my case the problem was with the cell gap of tilemap grid. Cya


I stupidly was using another layer cause I copied the tilemap from another project. After setting it to “default” it works fine, thx.

Though I’m not yet familiar with the Tile Anchor of the tilemap. x and y are by default set to 0.5 which results in gameobjects placed on 0.5, 1.5… 7.5 instead of even values. And the A* routine has to be informed by that too. Does somebody get why Unity is doing that by default?