Playback function for A* & RVO


Hey ALL,
I am working on a sea battle project. The path of our ship is generated by A* and the ship is evaded by RVO. It plays well for general battle. Recently we’re going to do the playback function. But we found we can’t got the same result by inputting the same parameters (speed, position, rotation for ship). Does everyone have the same problem? Or how do you make playback function when using A* and RVO?



The RVO system was unfortunately not written with determinism in mind, there are several sources of randomness inside it. Would it be possible for you to simply record the position and rotation for the ship and play that back?


What’s the use of randomness? Would it be possible to remove the randomness?:joy:


There is a bunch of random sampling going on. You could probably replace it with something deterministic if necessary though.


OK, Thanks Buddy :blush: