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Cooperative Pathfinding Update?


Any update on Cooperative Pathfinding feature, it will really make this asset much more valuable.


This looks absolutely amazing.



If I have time, I am going to work on that during this summer, however right now there is nothing in the main package.
@sami14321 I have sent you PM with a link to a preview version of the cooperative pathfinding code I created for another user earlier this year. It includes the scene for the demo shown in the video.


Thank you very much, I hope to see this feature make it to the main package as it would really set this asset apart from other AI assets.


Hey, @aron_granberg I’m also interested in the cooperative pathfinding, could I get a PM with a link to the preview version as well?
I would really appreciate it!


@martinjonsson01 I have sent you a link


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Can I also get a link?

Repathing with some points not considered

@TCarter I have sent you a link.


Hi Aron, could I also get a link to the co-op preview please?




You can find it on this page: https://www.arongranberg.com/astar/download.
Click on ‘Show Older Versions’. There is one branch called ‘cooperative’.


Hi, I downloaded that previously but couldn’t see the Coop scene in the examples :\ Am I missing something obvious?


Just bumping this :slight_smile:



Sorry for the late response. I have uploaded a cooperative version based on 4.1.13 here https://www.arongranberg.com/astar/download (click the show older versions button and download the topmost ‘cooperative’ version).
The example scene should be in ExampleScenes/Example18_Cooperative/Cooperative.unity.


Cheers Aron, that’s great!

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I can see the time-based visualisation running but the agents are rooted to the spot. Is there a debug flag set someplace?


Weird. For me everything is working just by pressing play.


It doesn’t work on mine either. I see the visualizers running but nothing actually moves. I poked around and couldn’t see any obvious reason why it isn’t working.



I believe the problem is in these two places:


NotImplementedException below

void IAstarAI.Teleport (Vector3 newPosition, bool clearPath) {
throw new System.NotImplementedException();
/if (clearPath) seeker.CancelCurrentPathRequest();


Because IAgent has no definition or implementation for Teleport.

Any chance of this being looked at?



@aron_granberg ? :wink: