Which versions work for what Unity version?

Hi, there’s currently no way to see what Unity version the AStar supports anywhere. Is this an oversight?

Currently can’t view the graph (even tried scanning, nothing shows) in Unity 2019.3 after I imported the latest version.


The A* Pathfinding Project works with Unity 2017.4 LTS and up. This is listed on the download page, though perhaps not in a super visible spot.

Are you getting any errors? Are the example scenes working?
Are you using any render pipelines?

Ah okay, sorry didn’t see that notice on the download page.

I opened up the 2D example, I can see it working there. After testing the graph there, it showed up on my main scene. I’m using the UniversalRP in my project.

I got an error changing scenes from 2D example to my main scene, not sure if it is related to my problem:

Component GUI Layer in Main Camera for Scene Assets/AstarPathfindingProject/ExampleScenes/Example15_2D/2D.unity is no longer available.
It will be removed after you edit this GameObject and save the Scene.


Huh. That’s strange. It might be due to the UniversalRP. I have fixed some bugs related to render pipelines in my dev version. Good that it’s working now though.

The GUILayer is not related. I have fixed this warning in my dev version too though.