Where are astarPath nodes stored?

Dear Aron,
I realise my question was nonsensical so I am rephrasing it as I have a better grasp of my question. The nodes that the Pathfinder uses to reach the target transform, do you know if I could somehow access them, or if you can point me to a specific script I can dig around in it for it. (Already doing so but I have yet to find it, ot of helpful documentation tho).


Here is the documentation page about this: https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/accessing-data.php
You may also want to check out this page (only available in the beta docs so far): https://www.arongranberg.com/astar/documentation/dev_4_1_6_17dee0ac/wander.php

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Thank you for the answer, no idea how I missed these in the documentation :sweat: