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Warnings after moving AstarPathfindingProject

I keep getting these after moving the folder to a different location (I have separate folder for third-party stuff). Is there something hard coded that points to this?


I worry about this as well, as I have a “third party” folder too.

From what little I’ve looked at, it seems that particularly the JavaScript version relies on the exact location.

@aron_granberg would have to give you a more solid answer. Otherwise, start crawling through the source code, it’s all there.

Yeah, I will wait for him @aron_granberg . I keep my project organized (sanity is important :stuck_out_tongue:). This is preventing me from moving this folder,

@aron_granberg Hi Aron, Can we please get an answer for this? Thanks!


I think moving the package should be completely fine. There is already code to support this explicitly (there are some things it has to load using a file path, but it tries to search through the project folder to locate the AstarPathfindingProject folder).

I don’t know where those warnings are coming from. I would guess that your C# project file needs to be updated (this can be done in Unity).

Good to know. By upgrading do you mean this (see screenshot)? Thanks!