Wall not reacting to 2d project



I checked the abovementioned guide and well made my nodes for the GUO script. I am trying to create an unwalkable area (mostly would serve as a door but in this case it is in middle of the room just for test purposes.

I created tags aswell but they don’t seem to be doing nothing (well I am probably using them wrong). Didn’t see anyone else get stuck on this (checked many/all topics)

However it doesn’t seem to work. Is this supported for 2d even or only for 3d (planes). Is there any simple way to create a “door” area which would be thinner than a whole block as currently i can only disable a whole portion of a grid? Am I even going in the right direction?

Awesome tool tho, real masterpiece in its field.

Thank you!

EDIT: i am allowed only 2 pictures so just to say that on seeker component i removed the traversable tick off the closed door tag

This is an example of where i would like to place doors, but if player clicks on the block above or below he should still be able to “traverse” there but not pass inbetween


A GraphUpdateScene component needs to represent an area. All nodes inside the area will be modified.
The grid graph only represents walkability by making whole nodes walkable or unwalkable.

If you use a custom script you can also disable/enable individual connections between nodes though.
See https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/gridnode.html#SetConnectionInternal

Ah so my logic was flawed but I had a hunch it was something like that :slight_smile: Internal connections seem to be the thing i need (and will make the code way less messy) tho so will be sure to check it out asap.

Big thanks!

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