Using the Modified Poly2Tri For Concave Triangulation?

Hi there,

I am using the paid version of the A* pathfinding project in my current project. Unfortunately, I also want to triangulate some concave meshes using Poly2Tri.

I know that a modified Poly2Tri library is already included to regenerate recast graphs. I’ve followed the open source TileHandler class and found the Poly2Tri layout a bit confusing, so I figured I might save some time by posting here.

Is there any documentation on how to use the modified Poly2Tri to take an outer boundary of (3D) points and have a concave delaunay triangulation performed on them?

I have Vector3s and want to get an int[] index, just like Unity meshes use. Does anybody have any examples for me to follow?


That question is probably better suited for any Poly2Tri discussion forums. I don’t know that much about the Poly2Tri API myself. There shouldn’t be anything preventing you from using the Poly2Tri version that this package includes or using a separate dll with another version of Poly2Tri.