Using RVO and slowWhenNotFacingTarget together in RTS style game

RVO works fine if slowWhenNotFacingTarget is true. But once I turn off it in order to disable rotation RVO stop working.

The selected unit fail to navigate around the unit wall if slowWhenNotFacingTarget is true.

Is there a way to use them together?

I am using version 4.1.12


Could you show an example of this happening? Maybe a short video or gif?

As you can see the unit fail to navigate around the unit wall with slowDownWhenNotFacingTarget off. But when I toggle slowDownWhenNotFacingTarget at the middle of the video it works.


RVO uses only local information and is thus often caught in local minima. In particular you seem to have some agents that are locked which does limit what the RVO algorithm can do unfortunately.
I do have an alternative local avoidance algorithm in the pipeline that will handle these cases better though.

That it works with slowDownWhenNotFacingTarget = true is very likely just a coincidence, not something intrinsic to that property.