Using Burst 1.7.0 and latest Beta 4.3.48 don't seem to like eachother

I started a new HDRP project and installed astar beta 4.3.48 and Then tried to upgrade burst to the latest 1.7 beta but the project complained about compiler errors. The information wasn’t particularly helpful. Something about packagecache. Is the beta expected to work with 1.7?


I cannot replicate any compilation errors. It loads perfectly fine for me. The package cache might be something on your end?

Burst 1.7 does however have a bug which makes it unusable with the A* Pathfinding Project.
See for more info.

Yes the error was something similar to the forum post you mentioned. It was involving generic jobs but it wasn’t specific to any file. The project loads fine but when using Burst 1.7 & the astar 4.3.48 beta the editor would freeze when trying to start the game