Upgrading pathfinder to 4 question

hello, I’m trying to upgrade pathfinder used in Honey Hex asset store asset to A* 4 and its giving me this one lone error pointing to this method override.
public override void ScanInternal(OnScanStatus statusCallback)
OK so I’m still learning coding but I think this has been changed or removed, what should I call now.
maybe a better question is how to look up a change like this in an api… :slight_smile:
any ideas appreciated thanks :).


Ah. I haven’t seen that asset before. I will have to contact the author to help him/her sort out this incompatibility.
It should be pretty easy though. Replace that line

public override void ScanInternal(OnScanStatus statusCallback) {


protected override IEnumerable<Progress> ScanInternal () {

Then you will have to find all places where the statusCallback is used in that method

statusCallback(new Progress(...));

and replace those with

yield return new Progress(...);

If there are NO usages of statusCallback in that method then you will have to add this line at the end of the method

yield return new Progress(1.0f, "Done");

Hi Aron,
Ok thanks mate, that’s great help, much appreciated.
I’m pretty sure the honey hex devs feel that the pathfinding is not really on their side, which is fine, but he might consider having a A*4 version never know going forward it might benefit them.
anyway cheers and enjoy ur weekend :smiley:

The Honey Hex framework will be updated shortly with the latest package version (4.0.10 with some minor modifications). You probably don’t have to do anything though as you have already updated the package.