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Upgrade pre-asset store licence


Posting here as it seems the easiest way to make contact.

I have a licence for A* Pathfinding Project Pro up to version 3 that was purchased directly rather than through the asset store. I would like to upgrade this but am unable to access the upgrade pricing due to the product not being in my account. Is there anything you can do to assist in migrating my existing licence into the asset store so I can purchase the upgrade?

Happy to provide whatever details you need as proof of purchase view PM.



Sure. For this I will need you to send me a PM with your full name and address (because of EU VAT rules) and then I can take care of it.

Hi, Thanks for your reply. Do you need my address now or the one I had when I purchased the asset?


Sorry to resurrect this old thread - I have also bought pre-asset store and would like to upgrade to the latest pro version at the reduced price of $50.
I’m new to the forum and can’t figure out how to PM you - can you PM me so I can reply with the appropriate details?

No need to follow this up specifically, I’ve sent you a PM