Updating to beta makes graph generation hang unity

Hya, I upgraded to the beta version and what took less then 5 seconds in the last version now just hangs unity forever, I have a not so optimized setup (for testing) where I have a GraphUpdateScene on pretty much every node that defines what tag it is, I then generate the graph from that data.
In the last (stable) version this took around 3-5 seconds to run, but now after upgrading unity just hangs and I need to kill it.


How many nodes is that?

Hya aron, thanks for the quick answer,
It’s a lot of nodes, around 320X420(grid graph), I’m aware it’s not a good way to do this and I’m currently looking into writing custom grid graph rules, I’m just testing some stuff until I build something better, the issue is that it worked very nicely just an hour ago before I updated.

@aron_granberg Just updating you that I wrote a custom grid rule for it (great feature btw) and it works just as fast if not faster then before the beta.

I would still check this if I were you as this is quite the big difference between the versions.