Updating package results in missing components

I dont understand why, but frequently when i update the package, components go missing, such as the Seeker and its not found by the inspector. Its resolved by downgrading then updating the package again. Sometimes i have to do this multiple times for it to get fixed. Restarting the editor doesnt always help either.

Is this the beta via the package manager, or via the asset store?

its the beta package. on 2022.12 if that helps

That seems more likely to be a bug in Unity’s package manager, I’m afraid. :confused:
Possibly upgrading Unity would help.

i dont doubt that. maybe the A* package has this issue bc its one of the only scoped registry packages i have that i frequently update. Unfortunately, even after fixing it now, it continues to break when i reopen unity hours after updating/fixing it.

You don’t happen to have the non-package version installed as well? Having both installed would cause conflicts.

i do not. i downgraded to 4.3.89 and it seems to be working fine so far.

anyway, happy holidays and keep up the great work on the package! :muscle:

just an update, still occurring, just update to the latest beta .92, honestly might be a unity editor thing (im on 2022.3.12)

i found that what works best is to manually reimport the package folder by right clicking in the editor after updating so it compiles correctly