Updating a Layered Gridgraph (and version info)

I read in another post on this forum that “a layered grid graph does not support updating using GraphUpdateObjects yet”. And then Aron responded that it does (I think), but I’m not sure for which version this got changed, if it did at all?

I am currently using version 3.7 right now. And when I tested trying to update several objects on an upper level of the layered graph (using the “GraphUpdateScene” components on my objects), all of my pathfinding basically stopped working. The game essentially crashed.

My two main questions are, will upgrading from version 3.7 to the current version fix this for me? And secondly, will using the “old way” of updating graph objects (i.e. through creating one manually in code and updating just the collider bounds etc…) work with the upper levels of a layered graph?

Overall, I’m having trouble successfully updating the areas of objects on any layered grid levels above the ground level.

Thanks for any help or info.


Not sure why your game crashed in 3.7, that was probably some unrelated bug.
Upgrading to 3.8 should make it possible to update the layered grid graph.

Yes, the same way should work out of the box. Just make sure your bounding box is large enough to contain the nodes.