Updated A* package (on scoped register) and now prefabs can't find any A* scripts?

Hey there,

I have the A* package in my project via the scoped registry and it was working great, but I just updated to 4.3.87 and now suddenly all of the prefabs that I had setup using A* are telling me they have missing scripts - they can’t find any of the A* scripts now for some reason.

Any ideas? It’s very frustrating as I have like 50 enemy prefabs that I now need to rebuild it seems…


It sounds like there’s a compilation error maybe?

Hi i just had a similar issue, since this also meant i needed to update from Unity 2021 to Unity 2022, i had to log in and out for it to be able to update all other dependancies. After that and restarting a few times, it helped!

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yeah it’s strange, no compile errors, but it just doesn’t seem to find the assembly.

one of the other devs fixed it by reimporting library, fighting with it more today, will report back.

Remember, you need to import the package via the package manager as well. Just adding the scoped registry is not enough.