Update on asset store?


Couldyou please update the version of the A* Pathfinding project on the asset store? Updating from your website is pain in the ass, because the imported project is in /Assets/ and when you donwload from unity asset store it lands in /Assets/Plugins/, when replacing the scripts are getting corrupted on scenes and stuff.


That’s odd. The Unity Asset Store package should be imported in exactly the same place as the package from my website (in /Assets).
I do agree that the package on the Asset Store should be updated though. For smaller updates I sometimes skip it because it takes a lot longer than an update to my website.

Generally when upgrading I recommend deleting the AstarPathfindingProject folder and importing the package again. That is the most reliable way to make sure everything is up to date (UnityPackages are not a very good format for updates).

Ah, okey. I see where the main problem was.
I was upgrading from 4.0.6 pro to 4.0.10 free version :wink:
Thanks Aron for the answer, you are the real mvp :smiley:

Also, could you update the 3.x version as well? Asset store deprecated version is still using 3.8.6 while you have 3.8.10 on the site :unamused:

Unfortunately I cannot do that. It is not possible to update a package after it has been deprecated for some reason.