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UnityPackages for old versions

I’m currently looking for a old version of the project (the 3.8.2 pro unitypackage, specifically).

We’ve recently migrated to Perforce and I’d like to set up the stream to be based on the vanilla package, as all we currently have is our modified extracted package code. This would make it much easier to upgrade from there while preserving our local modifications.

I noticed some people (in other topics) had luck modifying download URLs, I’ve tried those, but the substitutions don’t seem to work any more. Is there a similar method (replacing the hash) that works for 3.8.2?

Thanks in advance!


You can download all previous versions on the download page here:
Just click on the button that says ‘Show older versions’.

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Ah, thank you! I completely missed that.

For anyone else that has overlooked the button, it’s here over in the Free column. Tucked up under the Beta-Free download.

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