Understanding how RVO handles large crowds

I’m having an Issue with RVO controlled units, I think it is intended behaviour but I’m not sure how to solve my issue.

Basically I have a ton of farmers, lets say 100, once they are done farming they go to drop off their wheat at the storage, here I am telling all of them to go to position (x,y). This means I now have 100 agents trying to go to the same spot. This leads to the agents forming one large group around the destination, som trying to get out, some trying to get in, since they block each other they are now permanently stuck. Hoep Im making sense.

I think one solution would be to use dropoff zones instead of a specific position, so the workers would pick a random pos inside the zone and not fight over a specific pos.

I was wondering if there is a better way to do this where they will be smart enough to be able to handle these large groupings, pushing each other out of the way to get to pos (x,y), or if this is simply how RVO works.


Yes, RVO will not work great in that scenario. Since the avoidance is very local it will not form lanes or things like that.

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