Terrain tree collider issue Unity 2020

Thanks for adding the functionality to render more complex terrain trees. However it seems the rotation is off. On the left is a standard prefab which gets rendered correctly. On the right is that same prefab as a terrain tree (which is not using random rotation). Things seem to be off by 90 or 180 degrees so far in my testing. I am also wondering whether you are taking scale into account?


In my tests I cannot find any issues with either rotation or scaling.
Are you using the latest beta?

I just tried with version 4.3.33 and problem is the same.

Would it be possible for you to share a small example scene that shows this issue? I cannot replicate this.

Simple scene with one tree as prefab and one as terrain tree.


It turns out it was Unity that was ignoring the rotations.
Trees without LODGroups do not support rotations in the unity terrain system, so even though they had a rotation value it was not being used for rendering.

I have fixed this now by ignoring the rotation for trees without a LODGroup component.

Attaching a LODGroup component to the trees also works.

Looking good now, thanks.

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