Target position inside RVO Obstacles

Hello Aron,

I am using RVO Obstacles and having a group of soldiers run around it and re-form into position at the other end like in the images shown.

Everything is working great except for one issue where soldiers whose target destinations are actually inside the RVO Obstacle will not stop attempting to move to the destination. I tried checking IsPathPossible() but it always returns true because the path is there, just blocked by the Obstacle. I am using a Recast Graph with RichAI for NavMesh.

Left: RVO Obstacle, Right: Army in the formation that they try to keep as they move.

Guys near the edge of the Obstacle continue to try run towards target while others outside have stopped. The Gizmo in the center is actually the transform of the destination game object, not the Obstacle

Any advice to have them re calculate a new target position?
This tool is working real nice by the way, thanks!


I would recommend that you use navmesh cutting instead. Pathfinding doesn’t care about rvo obstacles (as you have seen). Navmesh cuts do on the other hand actually update the navmesh which allows the pathfinding system to take it into account. See