Target Mover does not function when loads into new Scene

I have a Player and Target as DoNotDestroy objects. As the Player spawns into the new scenes, clicking does not move the target object. Everything else works, as if I move the Target in the Scene Editor window, Player object reacts correctly. Thus the thing is somewhere in Target Mover not reading the click.

Anyone has had something like this? Desperate here…

Maybe master @aron_granberg himself can add on the matter?


Are you sure the TargetMover script is also in the new scene? Does it have the correct target object assigned?

Yes. Target Mover is on Player gameObject. And along with Target itself it gets moved through Scenes.

At first I presumed it could be a conflict between some NPC, who has pathfinding components on it, but that’s not the case - does not work in “NPC clean” scenes as well.