Stop Debug.Log messages in console

Hi Aron, i use the behavior tree designer the action “Seek Transform”.

How can i stop these messages in the console?

If i modify the code in the function LogPathResults in AstarPath.cs,
run the game, the code will be modified and Debug.Log(debug) is no long out commented.

private void LogPathResults (Path path) {
if (logPathResults != PathLog.None && (path.error || logPathResults != PathLog.OnlyErrors)) {
string debug = (path as IPathInternals).DebugString(logPathResults);

		if (logPathResults == PathLog.InGame) {
			inGameDebugPath = debug;
		} else if (path.error) {
		} else {
			// Debug.Log(debug);             <----- This creates all the messages in the console

try setting logging level in the pathfinder inspector ^^

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Thank you !
Path Logging is now “Only Errors”