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Stairs and Recast Graph

Hello, i have trouble to detect the whole stairs with the Recast Graph and small corridors leading to doors are also an issue, so far i had some sucess with changing walkable height and walkable climb but if i dial it to high it gets worse, i read the documentation but i couldnt find what could help me here, a lot of examples in the link:
the first image looks bad but the agent can still transverse it, the stairs in the 3rd picture he cannot pass

a link seems to help but makes him be stuck on the corner, the pillar and walls have RecastMeshObj with unwalkable and are on the Obstacle layer, that doesnt help at all at the end

I i also have RVO Controller attached
doesnt help :frowning:
navmesh link still doesnt seem to fix the problem, even if i help the agent to pass the corner, he cant traverse the link ???

another question i have would be is a different shape for the local avoidance on the agent possible because, a rectangle shape would be better suited for a ship, i only read about custom colliders for i guess non agent objects ? or can i attach a script like that on a agent or is he gonna try to avoid himself


it doesnt look like its trying to avoid himslf, but the other ones arent avoiding the square obstacle also …


no doesnt seem to work, looks like they only avoid the agent collider :frowning:


It looks like you may have to reduce the character radius field in the recast graph settings to make it possible for it to go past those pillars.

This is not possible, I’m afraid. The algorithms rely on the agents having a circular shape.
I’m not sure the RVO algorithm (the one included in this package) is that well suited for ships. The RVO algorithm assumes that agents can change their velocity very quickly. Humans and animals can do that, but ships usually cannot.

Hello, your suggestion with reducing the character radius helped and the changing the height also, but i still have a weird thing where he trys to go trough walls, no clue where the problem could be here

the other side of the wall:

nvm i still had an link component there