Some questions about capabilities

Hello Guys

I want to order this package, just before that I have a few questions, please answer

1- Is it possible to get the points of the corners along the path?
2- Can different volume range be defined at different costs?
3- Is it possible to get the cost of the route?
4- Can get area cost of nearest point to agent?
5- Is it possible to baked at runtime and save it in the file at the runtime, and load that file in the next execution instead of re-baking?
6- Does it have all the features of Unity navMesh and navSurface?
7- Can show one “loading progress bar” when that is in baking at the runtime?



  1. Yes, depends on what you mean by corners, but yes.
  2. You can use for example tags to add costs:
  3. There is no built-in method for this, but you can add them upp yourself from the calculated path.
  4. Not quite sure what you mean by area cost, but it is possible to get a node’s tag and penalty if you want to.
  5. Yes, see
  6. No, there are many ways in which unity navmesh and differs from this package. See for a few of the differences
  7. Yes, see
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Hello Dear Aron_Granberg
Thank you for your response

Only I asked 7 questions. and you answered to 6 questions, you probably did not answer option 4 and from then you hit the numbers one less.
I am not sure if I understood correctly about question 6 or your answer number 5 or not
does have any feature in the unity navmesh and unity navsurface that your router does not have it?
Because I saw in the features page that your package has all the features of Unity package and more


Oh sorry. I did miss 4. I have edited my post above.

There are some features my package does not have. For example it does not have as good support for off-mesh links. The differences are too numerous to list in a single post though, but if you have a question about a capability I can answer it.

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Thank you for your response

Hello again
What is your opinion on this issue?
we do not want to create square areas to determine the cost of the routes, but we want to
Determine the cost according to the textures that may be anywhere, such as a spiral dirt road and …

There is support for setting the penalty of a grid graph based on a texture.
See (the support for this has also been slightly improved in the beta version, in particular the ux in the inspector).

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Hello Dear Aron
here you have a video about tags and penalty(cost) , i have 2 question

1-These polygons that you create in the editor to determine the penalty range. Can these polygons be created on the terrain at runtime as well?
2-Instead of creating these polygons, can different textures be used as criteria for determining penalty ranges?
For example, soil texture for a penalty range of 100 anywhere on the terrain
Or asphalt texture for penalty area 12 anywhere on the terrain
and other more textures …
I looked at this page but I am not sure about this

Yes, you can use the GraphUpdateObject class to update the graph during runtime. It has a shape field which can be used for this.

  1. Yes. In the grid graph inspector there is a foldout at the bottom with, among other things, a texture setting. The inspector and functionality has been improved a bit in the current beta version.
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thanks man
I reviewed the document but did not understand how to assign a penalty to each texture, for example 10 textures are used on the terrain and each texture has its own penalty
There was something said about the green-red-red channels of a general texture that I did not notice
If not, can assign penalty for each alpha map?

here is one picture , suppose each area is marked with a different texture on the terrain (or marked with an alpha map)

Dear Aron please guide me about last question and please tell me why it does not consider the trees on the terrain as an obstacle and passes through them?


Sorry for the late reply.

The grid graph only supports a single texture I’m afraid. So to use it you would have to create a custom texture which included the penalties that you wanted.

Trees need colliders to work as obstacles. You need to make sure ‘Generate tree colliders’ is enabled on the terrain settings. Unity also only generates tree colliders during runtime, not in edit mode.

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your welcome, you have designed an excellent package and you are guiding well
good luck

Yes, I have reached the same conclusion and I am trying to convert the shapes created by the splat alpha map(in terrain data) split into separate arrays of points around each shape and finally create multiple penalty ranges from each array of points.
Otherwise, in my opinion, the desired penalty can not be attributed to each desired texture of a general texture, and based on the amount of red, green, blue color, the penalty will be automatically distributed.

I have been following here, I will be happy if you discuss this