Should I upgrade ? Need a good working agent avoidance

Hello Aaron or anyone who can help me decide.

I am working on a 2D top down shooter.

The free version works great. I am using the patrol script, I have a chase, retreat and attack setup.

I am struggling with the AI enemies overlapping and waking through each other .

Will the pro version local avoidance deal with this? I mean during patrol they calculate route around each other? and chase they won’t overlap etc…

My second issue is my enemy sprite seem to cut corners. I have set resolution higher and lowered the agent radius but they still move around corners and obstacles in general in a not desired way…

Please advice…


The pro version has one type of local avoidance. It is more optimized for crowds than for individual agent avoidance though, and depending on the type of game, it may or may not be what you want.
See Documentation

Try to lower the agent → pick next waypoint distance, alternatively disable any path smoothing you are using.