Seekers getting stuck between other seekers

Hi, I recently purchased the pro version and have been seeing issues when using the RVO.
In my situation, if 2 seekers are reasonable close together, and another seeker tries to push through, it gets stuck and cannot reach the destination node. Essentially seekers that are not moving block the path for other seekers. This is also true if a seeker tries to pass through another seeker with a bigger radius. Recalculating the path works for a single offending seeker, but not for a wall of offending seekers. Also recalculating seems to cause jerky movements from time to time as the next closest node position changes to another location suddenly.

I’d like to either be able to
a) push the 2 offending seekers out of the way a little so the moving seeker can get by.
b) or add the offending seeker positions to the graph so a path is calculated around them instead of through them.

Is there any way of doing either of these things?


The beta version has some experiments that improve the situation.
It has a new RTS example which has some code to mitigate this.

The key idea is quite simple though. Whenever an agent is idle a script will reduce the RVOController.priority to 0.1 and increase RVOController.flowFollowingStrength to 1 (flow following strength is a new property in the beta). These values will be interpolated smoothly over about a second or half a second to avoid too sharp changes in behavior. This allows other agents to much more easily push them away.

Hi. Thanks for your reply.

I shall certainly take a look at the beta version then. Have a good day.