RVOs avoid each other, but they still collide a bit


RVOs avoid each other, but they still collide despite having enough space to avoid each other entirely.

Here you can see the code I use:

Application.targetFrameRate = 60;
var vectorByRVO = Controller.CalculateMovementDelta(transform.position, Time.deltaTime);
transform.position += vectorByRVO;

Here you can see the behavior and RVO settings:

I use only RVO Simulator and Controller. No pathfinder.

Setting the priorities didn’t help. Didn’t see any change in this behavior.

Unity version: 2022.1.3f1
A* Pathfinding Project 4.2.18
A* Pathfinding Project 4.3.61 - Same here

Is there any way to make the avoidance completely avoid collisions?


Sometimes setting one agent’s TimeHorison to 5 and second’s to 10 helps. But, it is not reliable. It only helps sometimes.

The one which has 10, starts avoidance earlier and as a result, avoidance happens, but that is not a solution as it happens only sometimes.

Wanted to just write the observations I find which might help.