RVO setup tutorial

Hi aron_granberg, can you guide me how to set up a sample scene using RVOController? I don’t know which graphs should work with RVOController.


Have you checked this page?

RVO is independent of the graph, it works with any graph.

Thank you for a very quick reply. I already set up an RVO scene and use the AIPath comp with RVO controller and Simple smooth modifier. But now I face an issue the enemies follow the character with no smooth.
I have tried to use vector3.Lerp with the model and the RVO controller, decrease the time repath or the node size but the result isn’t good at all.
Can you give me an advice?


I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘no smooth’. That could mean any number of things.
Do you think you could post a screenshot/video of the issue you are having?

This is the link I tried to record: https://imgur.com/a/RLZlkis.
I see some jerks when the enemies reach the point “endReachDistance” and starting to follow again when the character continue moving.
Sorry for my bad English.

And I have another issue: When I set the value “EndReachDistance” = 1 and I put some debug calculate the distance from an enemy with the character, I got the distance is greater than “EndReachDistance”. It’s greater than 1.
This is how I calculate the distance:
distance = (mModel.position - PlayerController.Instance.playerTran.position).magnitude;
Can you give me an advice?