RVO Quadtree Agent's with zero velocity aren't added as Neighbours

It makes sense that agents wouldn’t be added as neighbours when their velocity is zero as there isn’t a threat for a collision. Is it possible to bypass this feature so I can keep the neighbour list while my agents are idling?

Minimum radius the following line will return is the agentRadius but I can’t figure out why that is different when the neighbouring agents have a speed > 0

var radius = System.Math.Min(System.Math.Max((nodes[i].maxSpeed + speed)*timeHorizon, agentRadius) + agentRadius, maxRadius);

Cheers :slight_smile:


When all agents’ speeds are zero that variable will have a value of 2*agentRadius. So it will only detect agents that it is colliding with.

If you want you can make that variable have a lower limit of say agentRadius*5 which will make it always process agents within that radius. Note that this may reduce performance.

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