RVO not influenced by RVONavmesh in 4.2.19

Hey, just reaching out to see if the current RVO system in 4.2.19 supports the generated RVO walls created by the RVONavmesh component. I have a custom PID system linked up to a vehicle controller that works perfectly with the traditional RVO Controller. If I set up an obstacle to have an RVO Controller or the Square RVO Obstacle, any agents will have the correct RVO signals be outputted. i.e. I’m getting a RVO direction when a collision is predicted.

This however does not seem to work with the RVONavmesh component. I can visually see the generated obstacles in red when Draw Obstacles in the RVO Simulator is enabled, however they do not seem to have any affect on RVO agents. An RVO Agent on a collision course with a RVONavmesh Obstacle will never generate a new target direction through CalculateMovementDelta.

Is there something I’m missing or have incorrectly configured or does 4.2.19 not support RVO Navmesh Obstacles with the RVO Controller?


I don’t remember exactly how it is set up in 4.2.19, but I know that the RVONavmesh component had various issues in 4.2.x. In the beta version, this has been improved.

Got it, I’ll wait on the full release of 4.3 and convert the project then.

Thanks a ton!