RVO MoveDelta kept returning Vector.Zero

Hello, So my character got stuck in a position where RVO move delta kept returning 0.

So, this is a situation, I drew arrows on character and the target position. You can also see there should not be any blocked recast graph nodes and there should be ample room to move.

This is the code that kept returning Vector3.Zero

              RVOController.SetTarget(CurrentPath.TargetWaypointPos, MoveSpeed, MoveSpeed, CurrentPath.EndOfPathPos);

                    Vector3 _MoveDelta = RVOController.CalculateMovementDelta(transform.position, Time.deltaTime);

I made sure that I checked the MoveSpeed (6) and Position and Delta Time all values were correct. The path target position was same as path end position.

Character had the RVO controlled attached which I also double-checked.
My RVO Settings:


I have Unity 2021.3.26F1 and Pathfinding Project: 4.3.60
I tried updating to 4.3.66 as this is highest I see in Package Manager but I had to reverse as I was getting a bunch of Entities Package errors.

I could not debug the RVO Agent code directly, as Visual Studio only opened it as [Decompiled] version.

What could have gone wrong? How can I possibly debug this if the situation repeats itself?

P.S. When I manually moved the character in the editor a bit from his spot, the problem went away.
I also checked for hidden colliders, none were in the way.