RVO Controller not walk above of terrain


I’m trying to use RVO system and the movement to my agent is strange. The agents not walk above of terrain and the rotation is abrupt.
I follow the examples inside the project and the documentation but nothing works.

Can see in the video:


Thank you!


Could you share some details on your graph, and agent setup.

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I upload the images of A*, RVO Simulator and Agent (Enemy)



It looks like you have an AIPath script and a RVOExampleAgent script attached to the agent. These are both movement scripts and will cause conflicts. I would suggest that you only use the AIPath script.
Also it looks like you are using a pretty old version. Perhaps you should upgrade?

But with the AIPath the agents go in a straight line and overlap each other, they don’t try to avoid each other

That’s odd. With the AIPath script and the RVOController script they should use local avoidance and avoid each other. I would however urge you to upgrade the package since it looks like your version is quite old. Maybe there are some bugs that have been fixed since then.

HI, sorry for time without answer. We updated to last version and problems are solved. Thank you very much for your time

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