RVO Controller Location

I am using Pro addition and Local Avoidance. My RVO Controller is in the center of the parent gameobject. But I dont want it like that. I am developing a “Castle Crush” type game… So controller need to be at the food of the characters not in the center… How can set the location of the Controller

Maybe you are looking for the ‘center’ field?

I dont know…Below is my components and how my sprite looks like… As you see controller is on the eye of my skeleton but i want it on the feet.

Where is the center field?


Ah, you are using 2D local avoidance.
Then the center field does not exist.

The RVOController should be centered around the character’s pivot point (i.e its world space position). Maybe you want to move the sprite object instead so that the feet are at the pivot point?

Ok, understand… I will do as you suggest… thanks