RVO changing movement direction while there are no obstacles in the path


Our RVO agents are trying to avoid a non existent obstacle causing them to divert of their path to the target. I’ve enabled debugging options of the RVO Quadtree and the obstacles registered to RVO however these do not give any indication why RVO is suggesting a different direction.
Here is an example of the issue, this also happens at different location however it is often when walking past a corner.


Are you sure this is due to RVO? Does it stop happening if you disable the RVOController?

Hi Aron,

I’ve figured out that this is happening due to the placement of the RVOTarget, I’m experimenting with different ways of placing the target currently. Do you have any suggestions on how to best place it?


Okay, I don’t really see how it would affect it in that way, but maybe you are right.
There are some tips on this page that might be helpful: https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/agent.html#SetTarget