RVO agent-agent avoid


I have a trouble. I use RVO Controllers on navmesh graph. And sometimes the agent avoid each other well. But sometimes locked each other. I tried to change params like priority, symmetryBreakingBias but they anyway locking.

Was rotated by collision



Do you think you could post a short video/gif instead? It’s pretty hard to tell what is going on with just a screenshot.

Radius of RVO is 0.8. Cow can easy rotate right but tries to rotate left where stay the farming cow(RVO too).
Priority of idle cow is 1 of bugged cow is 0.67.
RVO Simulator Symmetry Breaking is 0.2

Is rvo can use only height capsule? Is possible to use depth capsule or box, fro example for car.


Is the other agent locked?

The RVO algorithm only works with circular agents, yes. It is not possible to use another type of shape.

Yep. Hi’s locked. Stoped to eat. And any possible to avoid this trouble? I tries to chenge on obstacle when unit stopped. But scan get a lot of perfomance and on mobile we got an frezzes.

I have same problem like Gleb. In some cases if I’m check ‘lock’ agent and construct other agent path passing through locked agent - VO can select wrong side (to edge/end/hole graph) and movement stops (or begining strange rotations in one point) in dead end.
I think its actually works with VO Square Obstacle too.

Second case: create two locked agents nearby and try move through it. Result like in first case.

(VO cannot avoid nearby objects and stops nearby)

I try to get a classically RTS movement with friendly-objects avoidance and without it for enemy’s (to avoid inbalance game hacks like special move enemy object via player object). Im understand what means ‘local avoidance’ (its really local and works only with datas in ‘current’ frame without continuous planning) and I think to use NavmeshCut or something like it but is really a good way?