RTS Style Movement Issue

Hello! I’m trying to implement an RTS movement to a 2D game (with a top down camera), something like DOTA and Warcraft. I’ve managed to set everything correctly, but the issue occurs when I try to move one unit in different directions really quick.
I.E. in a MOBA style game, you would be constantly clicking to change the position of characters.

The issue here is the acceleration and desaccleration process, instead of being constant or instantaneous. How can I setup instant movement?



This depends on the movement script you are using.

One thing that you might want to turn off is the ‘slow when not facing target’ toggle.

Hey aron! Thanks for the reply!

I’m currently using the AI Path, AI Destination Setter and Seeker! I already have the Slow WHen Not Facing Target turned off!


Currently the acceleration for the AIPath script is automatically determined from the max speed, this is something I intend to change, however for the moment you will have to edit that script.
Open the AIPath.cs script and find this line

// a = v/t, should probably expose as a variable
float acceleration = maxSpeed / 0.4f;

And change it to whatever value you wish, or expose it in the inspector. Right now it is set to value so that it will reach its top speed in approximately 0.4 seconds.

Thank you Aron!
That did the trick!