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RichAI / RVO behaving odd

Hi @aron_granberg,

i have a setup where my agents behave odd. I think this bug came from the last updates because i never noticed it before.
It seems like some agents dont reach their destination and are stucking for several seconds. In the most cases, its the very last unit of a group. Also sometimes several units of a group stuck and dont try to reach their destinations anymore, or are nailed somehow.
I am on Unity 2021.3.x and Astar 4.3.58. I also tried 4.3.55, 4.3.52. I was sure that i didnt notice this behaviour in a last version of my project and it seems like the bug is gone with 4.3.51.

The upper unit stucks after the group left the upper right room. It seems like its always the last unit.

These are my richAi and rvo values.

Sometimes several units of the group stuck (green = not reached destination). They re not pushing away the units that already reached their destination (grey = reached destination)

Do you know what could cause this problem? Maybe could it also be a problem with the funnel modifier, because they was several changes like the rvo stuff in your updates?

I hoped i could get some performance benefits from your last rvo jobbified approaches, but it seems like i still need to stay on the astar 4.3.51 version.



Try to disable the ‘stop when destination is crowded’ checkbox on the RichAI. The implementation of that is not optimal. Let me know if that works around the issue.