Remove Node in PointGraph

Hi Aron,
I’m working on a project where the removal of nodes would be quite important. I’ve currently implemented it in a way such that all connections are removed but I am slightly worried about the graph getting a bit bloated after a while. Is this the case?
I also heard that removing nodes is on your TODO list, would there be any update on that subject if possible?
Otherwise absolutely brilliant asset, I’ve used it on a number of my projects and it is always fantastic, keep up the excellent work! :smiley:

Would setting the nodes to unwalkable be a working solution for you?

The issue isn’t necessarily with walkability, as removing connections essentially removes the node from pathfinding, however it leaves the node in the graph, which eventually adds up in memory. I would rather avoid this if possible


Currently there is unfortunately no way to remove nodes from a point graph. If you are repeatedly removing and adding nodes, perhaps when you remove nodes you could just add them to a list so that you can reuse them when your code wants to add nodes?

Also note that just removing the connections does not completely remove it from pathfinding. If a unit is standing very close to that node it may still be the closest node in the graph. If that happens the agent will think it is on an isolated part of the world and will not be able to find a path to anywhere else.