Relevant Graph Surface - Doesn't remove regions

I am currently using a tiled recast graph and I am having issues with the relevant graph surface.
Currently I’ve got a lot of useless regions that I have to get rid off thus I placed a relevant graph surface object on the correct region and made sure it’s within the range.

However, none of the other regions actually get removed.
I’ve made sure to set “require for all” on the graph too.

Anyone? The pathfinding is quite useless to me in this case if I can’t get it to work…AI keeps running into walls.


Hmm, I heard a similar thing from another user just a few days ago. It might not work as intended in the latest version.

I have just recently implemented support for this in the beta (and verified that it works). It had to be re-implemented because in the beta a lot of things have been rewritten to use burst and the unity job system. So when the next beta is released (likely within a few days) you could try it out there.

Okay, thank you (Happened to check if there were any replies yet as I coincidentally saw you typing)
I also had this happen with a recast graph that doesn’t use tiles, which I wanted to further inform you about.

Hope I can get it to work on the next beta. Cheers.