A* Pathfinding Project

Regarding the use of A* pathfinding with voxel procedural generation


My project is a voxel procedurally generated world (Such as Minecraft), however, this solution doesn’t appear to be good for such a project. My friend had a bit hastily bought the asset but after using every graph type I’ve been unable to get a helpful result.

  1. It needs to be relatively fast
  2. It needs to support going underground
  3. It can’t smooth down the sides of blocks, all existing solutions make the blocks into slopes rather than the straight drop they should be.

Is there any way to get this asset to work well with voxel games?



The layered grid graph should work best for this purpose. Note that the graph visualization may make it seem like it smooths the navmesh, but that is purely for presentation purposes. Internally it doesn’t even know about the concept of a node having a slope.