Recast Graph Zig Zags

Per your suggestion in a prior topic I moved to a recast graph with navmesh cutting. It’s a pretty painless transition for the most part but I am getting some weird pathfinding results.

In an astar graph some zig zagging might be unavoidable, sure (particularly depending on connections)–and I know you have the seeker modifiers to help smooth that out. This doesn’t seem like a typical zig zag, like something else has happened.

I did try using a funnel modifier and it seemed to be a b it better but there were still some pretty crazy results.

Mildly related–I have noticed sometimes the graph cutting doesn’t totally match with the bounds specified on the component if the navmesh cutting component is created before the grid is scanned. I can have what creates the objects with the navmesh cuts wait for a scan to complete but wondering if maybe that’s a bug.

Appreciate all your hard work on this plugin!

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Sleeping on it & trying again; the funnel modifier seemed to totally solve the issue today. For anyone with a similar problem in the future give that a whirl!


Thank you for sharing the solution you discovered! I stumbled upon your post just 20 minutes after you published it and immediately bookmarked it, as I was grappling with the same issue. For others who are facing a similar problem, the documentation recommends using RichAI with your agents when working with Recast Graphs and Navmesh Graphs. However, if you prefer a less complicated setup like I do, you can also opt for using AIPath in conjunction with a funnel modifier—this combination works seamlessly as well.