Recast Graph for different agent size


I made a recast graph awhile ago that worked great with big creatures and the character radius is 1.58 in the recast graph settings. Now I added human characters and the 1.58 radius is way too big for them, they need 1 to be able to walk closer to fences. What can you suggest in that case?

Is it possible and optimized for performance if I have 2 recast graphs (my terrains are very large)?

Also what if I increase the RichAi radius of the creatures, would that be the same thing?


You can take a look at this tutorial which deals with this exact problem:

I made the exact same setup, now Im going to compare the performance difference when having only one recast graph and two on my terrain. Hopefully dealing with two graphs won’t be bad for the performance.

I cannot notice a loading time increase or a performance difference when using 1 or 2 recast graphs, will keep my current setup with two.

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