reachedDestination isn't updating?

I’m trying to get some animation based off the character moving. I am just doing a simple idle to walk and back cycle. I am trying to set the animation by checking for the .reachedDestination and also .reachedEndOfPath to change the animation back to idle. But every time I check for this it never updates properly. I get to the end of the path, but when I run Debug.Log on the reachedDestination it never changes. Any ideas? I’m using AILerp.

Something I’ve found useful to debug issues like this is the “Debug Info” section of the RichAI component. See the screenshot below:

(Not sure if AILerp has the same)

Often the culprit for me was an End Reached Distance that was too small.

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I’ll check the distance and make sure its set to a good distance!

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