Re-place A* Pathfinding Nodes?

I’m a complete noob at Unity, and while basing my knowledge on tutorials, I just got stuck with the following problem:

The A*Pathfinding Nodes seem to overlap the grid and tilemap-layout? The seeking Enemy jumps above each red node, gets stuck at the next one, and so on.

I attached 2 files. Hopefully there’s an easy fix to it, or someone more advanced than me can help!

Tutorial I used: Advanced AI in Unity [Tutorial] - Physics, Pathfinding, Editor Adjustments - YouTube


I’m not quite sure what you are asking? Could you elaborate?

Hey, thanks for answering

As I stated, the Enemy seems to jump over every single node, then gets stuck in between them. They dont move smoothly over the ground, as they’re supposed to. I see the nods are overlapping the ground, and I think thats the problem here. I dont know where the fault is, why the nodes overlap the grid.