Raycast graph (graph cast) is ignoring tags

Using grid graph I’ve always used the smooth modifier but recently its causing some unwanted behaviour, specifically when walking diagonally its rotation jiggles a bit if I set “Pick next waypoint dist” to a value less than 2.

I tried raycast graph and it works better since it give a straight path, but it’s completely ignoring the erosion tags that the smooth modifier respects, is this intended?


I’m not sure if you are confusing the recast graph with the raycast modifier? Could you clarify what you have tried?

Sorry, I see the error. I meant Raycast modifier.

When I use the Raycast modifier on a grid graph isntead of the smooth modifier, my erosion tags are ignored.


This has been fixed in the beta version. You can try that out.
See A* Pathfinding Project

I looked at the notes and from what I can see no change has been made to that after 4.3.43 which is the one Im on, maybe Im wrong?

Can you post a screenshot of your raycast modifier settings?


Hmm, that’s odd. Could you show a screenshot of your simplified path? (also enable ‘Show Detailed Gizmos’ on the Seeker component)

smooth modifier:

Raycast modifier:

I tried this in my own scene, and for me it works perfectly well.

First image is when the agent cannot traverse the blue tag
Second image is when the agent cannot traverse either the blue or green tag.

In your screenshot it looks like the agent cannot traverse the green one, but it can traverse the blue one.

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I think you are setting them as untraversable? I am simply setting weights. Either way I think I managed to use smooth modifier eventually and it works fine :slight_smile:

Ah. Yeah, the raycast modifier doesn’t care much about penalties right now. It only cares about if the node is walkable or not.

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