Questions Regarding Pathing, Jitter, and Units Getting Lost

Hi Everyone,

I have quite a few questions that I have not been able to find answers to in the documents so I’ll start with this one.

Does anyone know what would cause my units to constantly rotate back and forth ever so slightly about a hundred times a second while moving (jittering)?

Secondly, when I delete/disable a game object with a Navmesh Cut component on it it causes all of my units that are nearby to freeze in place until another move order is given. My trees for example have a Navmesh Cut component on them. My units will chop them down for wood and when all of the resources of a tree have been gathered the tree is disabled and removed from view. This causes all of the nearby units to stop moving correctly. Is there a way to fix this?

Thirdly, what would cause a unit’s target to suddenly start jumping back and forth every second or so to a random point 10ish feet away from the unit. My units will be walking to a resource drop-off point and suddenly start running back and forth within a tiny radius but never actually getting anywhere. I can see their pathfinding target changing again and again while this is happening.

Lastly, what would cause a unit to suddenly stop moving on their way to a point when nothing is blocking the route or the target area? They could walk towards the target just fine for maybe 50 feet and then suddenly just give up with another 30 or 40 feet to go.

I am using a recast NavMesh and RichAI. I’ve tried adding the funnel component on my units as well and have not noticed a difference at all. You can see my unit components in this screenshot. I’ve been messing with both the pathfinder settings and the RichAi settings all day and have not seen a difference in any of these behaviors.


It’s hard to say exactly what the issue could be. But to get further, I would recommend setting the Wall Force field to 0, and possibly reducing the acceleration to somewhere in the range 10-50.

The RichAI movement script has its own internal funnel modifier, so it doesn’t need the extra component.